Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Grokster and KaZaa don't matter

To emphasise the point that the Grokster and KaZaa decisions are irrelevant to file sharing, the latest statistics demonstrate that August has had the largest number of online sharing in history. Internet statistic company BigChampagne has calculated that there were 9.6 million file sharers at any given time.

KaZaa's market share has dropped to only 9%, while eDonkey is the clear winner at the moment with 50% of the market. This could be caused by the fact that eDonkey is faster than other networks because it is using Bittorrent.


Anonymous said...

eDonkey, eh? Well, I tried legitimate download chanels to buy a copy of KoToR 1 (not 2) online. There are very few games available on a legitimate fee paying basis. I'd have quite happily paid £15 to download the game. Instead I have to wait for the game to get back in stock at my favourite on-line retailer. By that time I'll have spent my money on something else and they lose the sale.

Andres Guadamuz said...

KoToR 1 is very good, highly recommended.

claudio said...

please, andres do not publish our "piracy " tricks!

a hug