Saturday, July 15, 2006

Shakira don't lie

(via Carolina Botero). Colombian pop superstar Shakira was involved in a brief IP-related scandal with regards to a song from her album Oral Fixation vol.2. The hit song is "Hips Don't Lie" with Wyclef Jean, in which it is possible to hear a distinctive trumpet tune troughout the song, but most prominenly during the opening and closing. The tune comes from the song "Amores como el nuestro" by famous Salsa singer Jerry Rivera.

The controversy began when Jerry Rivera was interviewed in Latin show Escándalo TV, where he claimed that he had not been asked for permission to use the tune, and that he was disappointed and hurt by the infringement. This prompted a scandal within Latin music, would Jerry sue? How could Shakira do this to her fans! As Caro Botero commented, we had our very own Latin copyfight!

However, the scandal was short lived. Jerry Rivera is only the performer of the song, the copyright lies with the composer and with the record company. In this case, Shakira's record company, Sony BMG, asked for permission to the composer, one Omar Alfanno, and Rivera's record company, Lafranco Music in Miami. End of the scandal.

As a matter of trivia, some people may ask why is this album called "volume two"? The volume one is actually the Spanish verison of the album, called Fijación Oral vol 1. I admit that I'm a big Shakira fan, so what?


carobotero said...

Just a short note to clearify that the issue was brought by Oscar Montezuma in the cclatam list, where we bought discuss the issue. Thanks anyway

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