Monday, July 09, 2007

Knock-off Nigel

I guess I'm not the only person to have noticed the ridiculously over-the-top anti-piracy commercials in cinemas. Besides 'Knock-off Nigel', there's the utterly awful crime ad. You know, because pirates are also drug-dealers, arms tradesmen and people smugglers.


John H said...

I think this poster probably says it all.

ramiro said...

What they should have done is banning "Pirates of the Caribbean 3".

This ad is funny as a comedy piece, yet completely mis-leading.

John H said...

Ramiro: How is it misleading?

I think it nails the irony pretty well of the only people who get hit with unskippable anti-piracy ads being those who actually buy/rent legitimate DVDs. "Treating your customers like criminals" is rarely a winning strategy.

ramiro said...

john, I understand what the ad is trying to convey and I also admit it is amusing and ironical

My point is that, from a penological/legal point of view, the commercial due to its comedical over-exaggeration, places crimes such is sex or drug trafficking, in the same "hierarchical spot" as DVD-piracy. Said crimes have no interconnection whatsoever (I'm not talking about cause and effect).

On the other hand, the "You wouldn't steal a bag" commercial was much better as it tried to create a common understanding that DVD-piracy is a crime akin to theft, against property, albeit intellectual.

Andres Guadamuz said...

John, I think Ramiro is talking about the 2nd commercial, and not your poster.

Excellent link, thanks!