Monday, May 01, 2006

Firefox awards fan videos

How do you promote an open source browser if you have no money for glitzy marketing? Organise a competition and let the fan's originality do the job. Firefox has awarded fan videos entered into their Flick competition. First prize went for Daredevil, an ad about a surfing 12 year-old. The second prize went to the popular "Wheee!"

By the way, the thrid browser is Safari, the OS X browser based on Konqueror code.


Andrew Ducker said...

I thought Whee was _terrible_ as an advert, aimed at the kind of sniggering usually found in 12-year-olds and not likely to appeal to anyone who didn't already have Firefox.

"This is Hot" on the other hand, could actually be shown as an advert with good results, in my opinion.

Andres Guadamuz said...

I absolutely agree. "This Is Hot" is the best of the adverts.