Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Machinima project under CC-Scotland

We have received this email from Hugh Hancock, forwarded by Prof. Hector MacQueen:

Just thought you might be interested to hear about what I suspect is the largest Creative Commons project in Scotland, if not the UK as a whole.

BloodSpell is an independent animated series, made using Machinima technology, which we're releasing entirely under Creative Commons. It's the product of more than 10,000 man-hours and three years of work, and will, when it's completed, be a feature-length animated project.

We're already getting a fair chunk of press attention for the project, too, including SFX, the Guardian, and CNN.

You can check it out at - hope you like it!
Excellent use of Machinima and CC! A marriage made in digital heaven.


Hugh "Nomad" Hancock said...

Thanks for the plug! We're actually also going to be on BBC Radio Scotland this Friday talking about BloodSpell, so look out for it (it'll be available online).

Lilian Edwards said...

Aren't you going to add that Hugh is going to talk about legal problems of machinima (with demo) at GikII?

Andres Guadamuz said...

You just have :)

Anonymous said...

Great entertainment! Well done to the Bloodspell team.