Tuesday, May 03, 2005

P2P: Still going strong

Data still seems to indicate that P2P networks are gathering more and more people. For example, Slyck.com has been monitoring P2P network since 2003 and the chart shows a steady increase in numbers (the data does not include torrent statistics):

At least the music industry has stopped claiming that P2P networks are diminishing in numbers, which they tried earlier in the year, and were shut down. This report by the IFPI claims that litigation against users is working because:
"...there can be no doubt the campaign is having an impact. File-sharing is being contained: traffic on P2P networks which would have spiralled out of control a year ago has, in fact, began to slow down. Meanwhile legal ways of enjoying music online have taken off. People have begun to explore and enjoy the legal online music market in earnest."
That page also gives us a profile of the average downloader. The average P2P user is aged 25 to 35; is a teacher, public sector worker, IT or a student; and lives in large towns or cities. Rats, I've been found!

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