Friday, July 28, 2006

Wikipedia celebrates American independence

(From Burkhard Schäfer). Wikipedia is celebrating 750 years of American independence on the 25th of July, according to The Onion. The article informs us that the United States became independent in 1256, that there is footage of the original Thanksgiving on YouTube, and that the founding fathers are Jefferson, Washington and FAG. The article also points out that:

The commemorative page is one of the most detailed on the site, rivaling entries for Firefly and the Treaty Of Algeron for sheer length. Subheadings include "Origins Of Colonial Discontent," "Some Famous Guys In Wigs And Three-Cornered Hats," and "Christmastime In Gettysburg." It also features detailed maps of the original colonies—including Narnia, the central ice deserts, and Westeros—as well as profiles of famous American historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, Special Agent Jack Bauer, and Samuel Adams who is also a defensive tackle for the Cincinnati Bengals.
I have modified the above entry to included links to relevant sources in order to make sure that non-geeks understand the above references.

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