Friday, March 23, 2007

Pirates complain about P2P

This is an excellent read from TorrentFreak. They interview a real pirate, one of those people who makes physical copies of copyright content and sells it in marketplaces, car-boots or pubs. Tony, a physical pirate, complains that P2P has stolen their sales, and they have had to close down some of their factories because people will get their bootlegs online.

We need more headlines like "P2P fights piracy!" or the such.

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John H said...

They interview a real pirate

What, you mean someone who sails the high seas, pillaging other vessels and murdering their occupants?


Also, I enjoyed the comment made by an Australian comedian about the DVD anti-piracy trailers ("You wouldn't steal a car..." etc.):

"Would I steal a car? No. But if a friend said, 'Would you like me to burn you one?'..."