Friday, April 13, 2007

ORG raffle winners announced

The winners of the ORG Raffle have been announced in the ORG blog. They are:

  • A signed copy of Lawrence Lessig’s Code 2.0 goes to Kimberley Gahramt
  • A signed copy of Bruce Schneier’s Beyond Fear goes to Karen Molden
  • A signed copy of the Gowers Review of Intellectual Property goes to Grant Slater
  • Neil Gaiman’s signed keyboard goes to Ben Goldacre
  • £90 of O’Reilly vouchers goes to Laurie Rich
  • £60 of O’Reilly vouchers goes to Zach Robinson
  • The 12 CD Beatpick compilation goes to Lawrence Lessig
  • And the chance to be written into Cory Doctorow’s next book and receive a signed author’s galley goes to Graeme Sutherland
I will not deign to comment on the fact that I did not win anything at all. Or that a certain Professor won some CDs. Or that the Bad Science columnist won the much-coveted keyboard. Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Nada. I will not make a comment. Not that I'm bitter about it. Not at all. I'm OK. Really I am. No problems. Truly. I'm all right. I never win anything anyway. No skin off my back. Really.

Anyway, pictures from the event are shown here for all who care. I do not, but I just point out in case anyone does.

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