Wednesday, May 16, 2007

AACS to sue the MPAA?

(via Machine-Envy and PanGloss) It's amazing what a little hacktivism and playing around with search engines can do. If AACS starts issuing more cease-and-desist letter to take down the much-commented HD-DVD key from websites, they may have to remove this one.

And then Think Geek has a set of notes from a secret meeting at the AACS, which we reproduce:

Lessons Learned:
1) When trying to keep a secret, serving people legal notice re: its existence slightly less than effective. Possibly deploy ninjas next time?
2) Members of online communities object to posts being removed. Ask owners of affected sites to replace posts with smiley face emoticons.
3) Allowing lawyers to create public relations policy = bad idea.
4) "Cease and Desist" kinda does the opposite.

Action items:
1) See what other numbers we can get. Check on availability of 0 and 1 as vital part of circumvention technology.
2) DMCA not working: investigate banning computers?
3) Appeal to the kids. Introduce "Ernie the Encryption Key!"
4) Expire the key. They can't possibly crack it again, can they?
I like the ninja idea. Killer DRM Ninja Strikeforce vs The Pirates of Cyberspace. Now, that's a film I would pay to see.

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