Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Virgin v Thomas continues

The trial of Jammie Thomas in Minnesota continues. Some very interesting revelations so far, including an RIAA spokesman claiming that making even one copy of a song is "stealing", and the prosecution proving conclusively that the KaZaa login subject of the trial is the same that Thomas used in several other sites, including and Yahoo. This should prove deadly for the defendant, who claims she was not the person sharing the songs.

A victory by the RIAA in this case may prove their best ever tool, as this case is likely to get wider coverage.


Anonymous said...

The obvious defence against the fact that the defendent used the same username+password in lots of places is that she used them on an unsafe site and someone else used them with KaZaa.

Unknown said...

It would be nice if the first person to go to trial for this - and thus set some precedent, would actually be innocent. It looks pretty doubtful, but if there's any tech-savvy people on the Jury, they could at least find reasonable doubt so far.

Chances are, there are no tech savvy people on the jury.