Thursday, February 28, 2008

4-minute medley on the music wars

This is an instant classic.

"You've just been sued by the R I A A..."

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Mrki said...

Thank you , this was seriously funny ! :)

I see that you take part in Torino meeting of Communia, but also want write this bellow.

Thank you for your important work on defending public interests in the copyrights issues. We are organizing a Communia workshop n Vilnius, Lithuania on March 31, 2008 called “Ethical Public Domain: Debate of Questionable Practices”. Communia will possibly have a significant impact on EU policy toward copyright policies.
Please, send us one-page position papers in the Public Domain that we might present on your behalf as we are organizing debates! See:
Thank you!
Kind Regards, Sasha Mrkailo