Tuesday, April 15, 2008

SCRIPT-ed April 2008

The April 2008 issue of SCRIPT-ed is now live. This issue is filled with excellent material. There are some very relevant and timely articles on the P2P debate, and also on the German Constitutional Court decision with regards to Trojans. Another very intriguing article about trade marks and the No Logo movement. The contents are:


  • Lex Personalitatis & Technology-driven Law
    Joseph A. Cannataci, pp.1-6
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Reviewed Articles
  • Trade Mark Coexistence Agreements: What is all the (lack of) fuss about?
    Matthew J Elsmore, pp.7-30
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  • Criminal Friends of Entertainment: Analysing Results from Recent Peer-to-Peer Surveys
    Herkko Hietanen, Anniina Huttunen, Heikki Kokkinen, pp.31-49
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  • Entry into the Market for Online Distribution of Digital Content: Economic and Legal Ramifications
    John B. Meisel, pp.50-69
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  • The Black Label: Trade Mark Dillution, Culture Jamming and the No Logo Movement
    Matthew Rimmer, pp.70-138
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  • Oscar Pistorius and the Future Nature of Olympic, Paralympic and Other Sports
    Gregor Wolbring, pp.139-160
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  • Genetic Models of Disease Resistance in Livestock: “What Does Our Conscience Want?”
    Kenneth M Boyd, pp.161-167
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    Corporate Counsel's New Dance Partner: "Criminal Lawyers Teach the Limbo Dance"
    Maureen Duffy-Lewis and Daniel B. Garrie, pp.168-175
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  • A Modest Proposal for Annotating the Dialectical State of a Dispute
    Ronald P. Loui, pp.176-197
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  • TILT – Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society
    Paul de Hert, pp.198-204
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Book Reviews
  • The Global Technology Revolution 2020: In Depth Analysis - Bio/nano/materials/information Trends, Drivers, Barriers, and Social Implications
    by Richard Silberglitt et al.
    Reviewed by Carolina Botero
    , pp.205-207
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  • The Ethics and Governance of Human Genetic Databases: European Perspectives
    by Matti Hayry, Ruth Chadwick, Vilhjalmur Arnason and Gardar Arnason (eds.)
    Reviewed by Adrienne Hunt
    , pp.208-213
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  • Bioethics and Armed Conflict: Moral Dilemmas of Medicine and War
    by Michael L. Gross
    Reviewed by Michael H. Kottow
    , pp.214-217
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  • How Universities Promote Economic Growth
    by By Shahid Yusuf and Kaoru Nabeshima (eds)
    Reviewed by G Narasimha Raghavan
    , pp.218-219
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  • Crossing Borders: Cultural, Religious, and Political Differences concerning Stem Cell Research. A Global Approach
    by Wolfgang Bender, Christine Hauskeller, Alexandra Manzei (eds)
    Reviewed by Michael Steinmann
    , pp.220-223
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  • Broadcasting Pluralism and Diversity: A Comparative Study of Policy and Regulation
    by Lesley Hitchens
    Reviewed by Eliza Varney
    , pp.224-226
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