Friday, August 15, 2008

SCRIPT-ed August 2008

The Editorial Board of SCRIPTed - A Journal of Law, Technology & Society is pleased to present its 18th issue, which addresses issues ranging from challenges in medical research governance in Korea, to pharmaceutical litigation (an assessment of the Novartis case in India), to data-protection of administrative records, to privacy in the age of sophisticated location-based technologies, to governance of the mobile communication sector in Korea and US, to a follow-up on our very popular Pistorius and the Olympics article, and more. To see the August 2008 issue, click here or on the cover. To see previous issues, go to Archived Issues.

In this issue:


  • The Xenotext Experiment
    Christian Bök, pp.227-231

Reviewed Articles

  • The “Efficacy” of Indian Patent Law: Ironing out the Creases in Section 3(d)
    Shamnad Basheer & T. Prashant Reddy, pp.232-266
  • A Tale of Two Standards: Drift and Inertia in Modern Korean Medical Law
    Shawn H.E. Harmon and Na-Kyoung Kim, pp.267-293
  • How to Get There From Here: Re-use Of Administrative Records In The Netherlands And The UK
    Catherine Heeney, pp.294-308
  • Deep Impact On The Mobile Communications Market: A Case Study In Applying The Regulatory Rules To Assess A Proposed Enterprise Combination
    Jongho Kim, pp.309-374
  • Reasonable Expectations of Geo-Privacy?
    Sjaak Nouwt , pp.375-403
  • “Just One of the Challenges of 21st-Century Life”: Oscar Pistorius in the Court of Arbitration for Sport
    David McArdle, pp.404-413
  • A Closer Look at the Canadian Copyright Act: Can Corporations Hold Moral Rights?
    Emir A C Mohammed, pp.414-418
  • The Internet: Where Did IT All Go Wrong?
    Robert Schifreen, pp.419-427
  • Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation (iSEI)
    Muireann Quigley and Sarah Chan, pp.428-431
Book Reviews
  • Biotechnologies And International Human Rights
    By Francesco Francioni (ed.)
    Reviewed by Amina Agovic
    , pp.432-433
  • Defending The Genetic Supermarket: The Law And Ethics Of Selecting The Next Generation
    By Colin Gavaghan
    Reviewed by Eva Asscher
    , pp.434-437
  • Patents, Inventions And The Dynamics Of Innovation: A Multidisciplinary Study
    By Roger Cullis
    Reviewed by Rosa Maria Ballardini
    , pp.438-439
  • Law And Internet Cultures
    By Kathy Bowrey
    Reviewed by Amanda Harmon Cooley
    , pp.440-443
  • Wired Shut: Copyright And The Shape Of Digital Culture
    By Tarleton Gillespie
    Reviewed by Michael Holloway
    , pp.444-446
  • Property In The Body: Feminist Perspectives
    By Donna Dickenson
    Reviewed by Remigius N. Nwabueze
    , pp.447-448

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