Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Internet is for Censorship

I still remember how we looked at the Internet in the early days, and how many of us thought that it could never be regulated. Years later, a large firewall and a rather effective gambling ban have proved us wrong. This is why I keep reading every year JPB's Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace... just to remind me that what seem logical now may not look so sane in a decade.

There appears to be a growing trend from governments to try to declare all sorts of things out of bounds by applying different censorship tools. the latest victim has been Richard Dawkins, who has had his website banned in Turkey because a Creationist has found it "defamatory and blasphemous".

There must be an equation that correlates religious fundamentalism with censorship.

On a shallow note (and let's face it, this blog is largely about the pithy and shallow side of the law, is it not?), doesn't the name Harun Yahya make you want to giggle uncontrollably?

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