Monday, April 11, 2005

Another software patent article in Linux Insider

This is a dreadful article by yet another software patent lawyer in Linux Insider. It praises software patents American style, without shame, just like that, as if the system in the U.S. was not broken! Only a software patent lawyer can state such idiocy and claim that the system in the United States is fostering innovation. A cursory glance at the software landscape shows that small and medium software companies are suffering from submarine patents, and afraid that they may be infringing a patent that protects basic ideas. The amount of bad patents out there is staggering, which has been made more evident by the rise of the internet.

An example of a bad software patent is's patent, which is held over test and exams performed through the internet. This is so broad and obvious that I cannot even begin to comprehend how it was awarded.

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