Saturday, April 02, 2005

April's Fools: The Aftermath

Another April's Fools has come and gone. What is the verdict? Some good jokes out there, some sophisticated ones, some simply surreal. The most widely circulated is Google Gulp, where the search engine goes into the soft drink market. Then we have a useful item that tells us that technology companies are performing 18% more April's Fools gags than last year. In other news, Cory issues a DMCA takedown notice against the makers of the BoringBoring blog for trade mark infringement. Then, the Bush twins are being sent to Iraq (about time too).

My favourite? The one from EFF's Effector, where we are informed that Acacia has sued the makers of World of Warcraft for infringement of their Troll patent. The claim was strongly rebutted by Leet Hax0r, Blizzard Legal Overlord.

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