Thursday, July 28, 2005

Free as in Free Beer, and as in Free Speech

This is the story of Vores Øl (Our Beer), the world's first open source beer. The beer is distributed using an Attribution-Share Alike Creative Commons licence. The recipe produces a 6% energetic beer (it uses Guarana), and according to the makers, it is very tasty and they have drank all of it. The people at Creative Commons have decided to try brewing their own version, but with some remixing taking place as the beer was not coming out as planned (they have removed the Guarana beans, is nothing sacred any more?).

Any chance of getting some OSS beer sent to Edinburgh? All this talk of beer has made me thirsty.

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Anonymous said...

mmmm.. free beer. I guess Ive never heard of anyone every licensing beer as free, but whats better than free beer right?! oh yea.. i was looking for a bar that was doing free beer tonight.. back to my search,