Monday, July 25, 2005

The War on Piracy

From the same people who brought us the War on Terror, and who has successfully continued to wage the War on Drugs, here comes the War on Piracy.

The Commerce Secretary of the United States, Carlos Gutierrez, is appointing the new anti-piracy tsar in the United States. He commented that: "Intellectual-property theft is a major problem around the world. We believe that it is costing U.S. businesses about $250 billion in lost sales". Two inaccuracies in one sentence. Theft is the first one (don't even get me started on that) and then the assumption that a pirated copy of something is immediately to be considered a lost sale.

Still, there is no doubt that actual commercial piracy is a problem, and that it needs to be tackled, but I doubt that this is the way to do it. A simple solution? Raise living standards, so that people may actually be able to afford your products. Just a suggestion from the utopian brigade.

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