Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Defending your reputation online

As we spend more and more time online, we are (wittingly and unwittingly) leaving behind vast amounts of personal information. Dodgy poems, bad pictures, posts in the Pokémon forum, that Céline Dion fan website... you may have several things rattling online of which you're not particularly proud. Personally, I do not find this too problematic (after all, I have a picture of a llama in my weblog, my embarrassment threshold is rather high). However, employers, education authorities and members of the public are increasingly practicing background Googling before meeting someone (come on, admit that you've entered people's names into Google as well). What if your future employer or your next date finds your picture dressed like a Klingon? Could you live with the shame?

Reputation defender is here to help. The company promises to pursue internet service providers and web designers in order to remove embarrasing material through "proprietary" methods. They will also provide a monthly reputation report.

Now, if only I could remove some of my earlier journal articles from circulation...

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