Wednesday, November 01, 2006

YouTube blues

"If you upload a video to YouTube you are a legitimate target for legal action in the same way the music industry is suing MP3 users [...] Most of the clips uploaded to the site will be infringing copyright in some way."

That is an inaccurate statement. While most of the TV and movie clips loaded to YouTube are infringing, it's not true that users are legitimate targets for legal action. Users will NOT be sued by the TV and movie industries, at least in the near future. Who made such a ridiculous statement? Well, according to Metro and the Evening Standard, I did! My first misquote, I feel like an important career step has been reached.

In other news, YouTube has been sued by Universal Tube and Rollerform Equipment Corp; proud holders of the domain name The problem for the tube manufacturer is that millions of people log into their site while looking for YouTube, which knocks down the servers. The suite then is one of trade mark confusion, not one of copyright infringement.

After all, the Internets is a series of tubes...

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